Six Hacks for a More Organized Holiday Fridge

How to shelve smarter when space is at a premium.

Published Nov. 18, 2021.

When entertaining season is in full swing, stashing all the ingredients and dishes that need chilling can be a logistical headache. These ingenious tips will help you make room for everything—from pies to condiments to wine bottles and more—so your fridge stays neat and operates at maximum efficiency, even during the busiest time of the year.

1. Store ingredients on a lazy Susan for better visibility and accessibility.

2. Fasten a large binder clip around two wires of the fridge shelf. Stack any bottled beverages that you can’t store upright in a pyramid next to it.

3. Store condiments in the slots of an empty six-pack carrier, where they’ll be easily accessible and you can even store them upside down.

4. Squeeze in a Dutch oven by turning its lid upside down; doing so will also make room for more storage on top of it.

5. Store chilled desserts and other flat items on tiered wire racks.

6. Stack bowls of soft food covered in plastic wrap by placing plastic lids between them.


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