The Tests

  • Measure each strip

  • Install strips using drill, level, and measuring tape

  • Evaluate ability to hold winning à la carte knife set

  • Evaluate ability to hold Best Buy à la carte knife set

  • Evaluate ability to hold Best Buy knife set and withstand 10 thumps to the wall above

  • Attach and remove brand-new chef’s knife 100 times, evaluating knife and strip for damage at the conclusion

  • Attach and remove cleaver 10 times, evaluating knife and strip for damage at the conclusion

  • Use iron filings to reveal size, shape, and location of magnets in each strip

Magnetic knife strips hold knives of all shapes and sizes without taking up valuable drawer or counter space. Since we last tested knife strips, our favorite, the Messermeister Bamboo Knife Magnet, introduced a new mounting system and changed the shape and size of its magnets. We wanted to know whether the revamped strip met our standards—and whether it stood up to new competition. So we bought seven knife strips of different materials, priced from $15.30 to $154.95, including our redesigned winner; mounted them on a wall; and used them to hold our winning and Best Buy six-piece à la carte knife sets. We focused on models that were between 15 and 18 inches long; we’d learned in a previous testing that this was the best size for most kitchens and knife collections.

A few features separated the best from the rest. While none of the strips were difficult to install, some were easier than others. Most models must be mounted on a pair of screws, requiring you to measure, level, and do a bit of experimentation to get the distance and depth of the screws just right. We preferred models that required no measuring or fussing and could be leveled and screwed directly into the wall. Once properly installed, all the strips were equally stable.

The depth of the strips mattered. Models with slim profiles kept our knives too close to the wall, making it hard for us to reach in and grab the handles without scraping our knuckles. We liked models with at least ¾ inch of clearance, and more was even better.

We used iron filings to learn more about the magnets used. Although magnet size, shape, and type didn’t matter, magnet strength was important. Magnets that allowed the knives to slip or swing freely when we jostled them or smacked the wall above were worrisome. We preferred models with magnets that were strong enough to securely hold our heaviest knife (our 18-ounce winning cleaver) without wobbling but not so strong that removing the knife was a struggle. None of the models had noticeable gaps between their magnets, but some left portions of the ends unmagnetized; this was a minor annoyance, not a deal breaker. And with one exception, this small flaw didn’t significantly change the capacity of the bars; each could still hold our full knife sets with room to spare.

We used iron filings to detect the size, shape, and placement of the magnets.

Finally, we liked models that were durable. To simulate long-term use, we attached and removed different knives repeatedly. The knives themselves emerged unscathed, but some of the strips got scraped or nicked, especially after the cleaver was removed. The material of the bars wasn’t a factor—wood and metal models proved equally likely to get scratched or dinged.

In the end, our old winner, the Messermeister Bamboo Knife Magnet, $59.95, emerged victorious yet again. If anything, its new features make it even better than before. The new mounting system made it the easiest strip to install: simply level and screw its separate backing to the wall and then slide the magnetized strip over it. The new bar-shaped magnets provided better overall coverage and held knives of all sizes and weights even more securely than before. As the thickest option in our testing, it gave even big hands plenty of clearance when we went to grab a knife. And it survived our abuse tests with just the tiniest of scratches, looking almost as great after testing as it did right out of the box.

Winning Traits

  • Easy to install

  • Provides plenty of clearance between knife handles and wall

  • Has medium-strength magnets that grip the knives firmly but still release them without requiring too much force

  • Has magnetic coverage that extends the length of the strip

  • Withstands scratches and nicks