If your favorite Thanksgiving table is one filled with comfortingly familiar classics, this menu is for you.

Roasted Brined Turkey

Cooking the holiday turkey can strike fear into the most seasoned cook, so our recipe lays out what makes a difference (and what doesn't) once you bring home the bird. Once a little-known technique, brining has now become mainstream—and Thanksgiving dinners everywhere are all the better for it. Get the Recipe

Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the ultimate Thanksgiving side dish, and we know that making a large batch of mashed potatoes a day ahead of time without sacrificing flavor or texture is a lifesaver for any time-crunched cook. Get the Recipe

Classic Green Bean Casserole

This favorite side dish is a classic, but who wouldn't want to try an updated version that uses fresh green beans and a mushroom velouté sauce instead of frozen vegetables and condensed soup? Get the Recipe

Simple Cranberry Sauce

Because cranberry sauce has only three basic ingredients—cranberries, sweetener, and liquid—the key is to find the right proportions to ensure a perfect balance of sweet-tart flavors and a favorable texture. Adding just a pinch of salt brings out an unexpected sweetness in the berries, heightening the flavor of the sauce overall. Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Pie

Consider our pumpkin pie the new classic: velvety smooth, packed with pumpkin flavor, and redolent of just enough fragrant spices. Get the Recipe