Cook’s Illustrated Wins National Magazine Award for General Excellence

The American Society of Magazine Editors announced winners of the 2023 National Magazine Awards at its 58th annual celebration—and Cook’s Illustrated took a top honor.

Published Mar. 29, 2023.

Each year, the National Magazine Awards honor the best in magazine journalism across print, digital, and video platforms. Cook’s Illustrated won for General Excellence in the service and lifestyle category. 

Congratulations to the entire team, whose contributions on every level made this recognition possible.

I am thrilled to share some of the content from Cook’s Illustrated magazine, our website, and our social-media channels that together helped us win the award:

Please Overcook Your Asparagus,” Executive Food Editor Keith Dresser’s discovery that braising asparagus until silky, nutty-sweet, and no longer brilliantly green may just be the best way ever to cook it.

Why a Caustic Substance Is Key to the World’s Best Pretzels,” Deputy Food Editor Andrea Geary’s investigation into why lye is essential for real-deal German pretzels (Laugenbrezel)—and how to safely work with it at home. 

Vegetables for Noodle Lovers,” Senior Editor Lan Lam’s exploration of the Korean crowd-pleaser japchae and the science behind what puts the spring in its salty-sweet strands.

The Dish That Changed the Way I Eat Poached Eggs,” Senior Editor Annie Petito’s ode to the Turkish stunner çılbır and the precision required to make its just-set eggs and vibrant spiced sauce. 

The Spaghetti Dish You Burn (on Purpose),” Senior Editor Steve Dunn’s foray into the novel cooking method for spaghetti all’assassina, the “killer” pasta from Italy’s Adriatic coast. 

Whisk and Wait Chocolate Chip Cookies,” Associate Editor Erica Turner’s snappy presentation of the key technique behind one of our most popular recipes. 

"What Is the Difference Between Right Twix and Left Twix," Senior Science Research Editor Paul Adams’ cheeky exploration into whether the two bars in a package are identical twins. 

The Science of Kimchi Fermentation,” Social Media Coordinator Sarah Ahn’s exuberant step-by-step demo of how cabbage is transformed into classic baechu kimchi.

Jamaica’s Most Comforting Routine,” freelance contributor Dionne Reid’s love letter to her grandmother’s stew peas with spinners and the secrets to her own version of this beating heart of the island’s cuisine. 

Congratulations to the other winners in General Excellence, The Atlantic, The Marshall Project, and Grist

The episode on asparagus from my YouTube series What’s Eating Dan? was also nominated in the video category. 


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