Make Your Immersion Blender More Effective

An immersion blender is less fussy than a countertop blender since you don’t have to blend in batches or clean a blender jar or lid. Immersion blenders can’t produce the same silkiness as countertop models, but here’s how to get the best results.

Use a deep, narrow pot when ­possible.

A smaller surface area enables an immersion blender to draw food toward and through its blades, which decreases the likelihood of unblended chunks.

Angle the blender.

To blend chunks that won’t fit through the holes in the blender head, hold the blender at a slight angle.

Submerge the blender head.

To prevent splatter, make sure that the blender head is always fully submerged when the blender is on.

Tilt wide pots.

If your recipe requires a broad pot, tilt it slightly while blending so the food concentrates in one area.

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