How to Carve a Butterflied Chicken

Be sure to let your chicken rest before carving. Once you’ve found the joints or other points of connection between parts, carving is easy.

SEPARATE LEG QUARTERS FROM BREAST: Slice through skin connecting leg quarter to breast and lift leg slightly to expose joint connecting thigh to breast. Cut through joint. Repeat on other side.

SEPARATE LEG QUARTERS AND THIGHS: Cut through joint, following white line of fat separating drumstick and thigh.

**SEPARATE WINGS AND BREAST; HALVE BREAST: ** Locate where wing bone meets breast meat and cut through skin and connective tissue to separate. Halve each breast crosswise.

REMOVE BREAST AND WINGS: Run tip of knife first along breastbone and then along rib cage, gently pulling meat away from ribs and using ribs as guide as you cut. Cut through joint that connects wings to carcass to separate.

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