How to Use a Tapered Rolling Pin

Many home cooks own straight rolling pins, which offer good heft for rolling out dough efficiently. But tapered, or French-style, rolling pins also have their advantages.

QUICK CORRECTION: If your dough looks amoeba-like, the tapered shape and light weight of this pin make it easy to maneuver and pivot.

Use heel of your hand to anchor pin while using your other hand to roll pin in arched motion to fix shape.

EASY SPOT CHECK: Because the pin is in contact with a smaller area of dough, you can focus on one section of it to even its thickness.

Use heel of your hand to anchor pin while pushing it over problem spot with your other hand.

ROTATE DOUGH LESS: Because the pin‘s maneuverability means you can focus on specific areas, you don’t have to constantly rotate dough like you do with a straight pin.

To help prevent sticking, occasionally lift and turn dough.

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