The Fastest Way to Dice Avocados for a Crowd

Making a big batch of guacamole? Use this shortcut.

The key to our Classic Guacamole is to first dice three ripe avocados into ½ inch pieces and then mash them with a whisk for the perfect combination of chunky and smooth consistencies. But if you're making guacamole for a crowd, that dicing step can prove tedious. We wondered if there was a faster way to either dice or partially mash (but not completely pulverize) a big batch of avocados. We tried an array of kitchen implements: potato masher, wire cooling rack, large spoon, mortar and pestle, and pastry cutter.

The best tool for the job, surprisingly, turned out to be the wire cooling rack. Pushing pitted avocado halves through it (leaving the skins on) speedily diced the fruit into chunks that we could then stir and mash with a whisk. (Be sure to use a rack that has wires arranged in a grid.)

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