How to Make As Much Homemade Stock as Possible

Making stock at home normally means discarding the solids after pressing out as much liquid as possible, but frugal restaurant chefs know better.

The standard procedure when making stock at home is to discard the solids after pressing out as much liquid as possible. But frugal restaurant chefs know better: They often “rinse” the solids with a small amount of water before discarding them and add that extra liquid to the stock. The solids have flavorful residue clinging to their relatively abundant surfaces that is transferred to the water. While this “rinsing liquid” is not as concentrated as stock, in the appropriate proportion, it's still surprisingly flavorful. To eke out more flavor from your solids, simply return them to the pot and stir in ¼ cup of water per pound of meat/bones. Strain the mixture and add the liquid to your stock.

Moistened stock solids contain lots of flavor that's a waste to throw away.

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