How to Use a Spice Mill

To get the most out of your mill and keep it in top shape, we have some useful tips.

Shake the Mill Gently
To ensure good contact with the blades (particularly when grinding small amounts), pick up the mill (grasp it well to keep the lid on tightly) and gently tilt and shake it so the contents sweep across the blades.

Use your Ears
As particles get smaller, the sound of grinding changes from rough and whiny to an even purr, an indicator that the contents are evenly ground.

Clean the Hopper Regularly
Use a fine-bristled brush to remove loose particles around the blades after every use. To better remove oily residue left by spices, periodically grind ¼ cup of rice to a powder and then brush it out. Do not add water to the mill; it can leak into the motor and cause a dangerous short.

Wash the Lid Well
Clean with soap and water (or in the dishwasher) to remove oils that can turn rancid and affect the taste of newly ground spices.

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