The Best Way to Roll Dough into a Circle (Not an Amoeba)

Shift the position of the dough, not the rolling pin.

In this simple method, we periodically change the placement of the dough but keep the rolling pin moving in a simple back and forth direction, always parallel to the edge of the counter, applying even pressure. Moving the dough frequently helps prevent sticking and provides opportunities to add more dusting flour if necessary.

1. Start with smooth-edged round.

2. Roll back and forth over entire disk until disk becomes small oval. Turn oval 90 degrees.

3. Roll back and forth again until oval becomes more circular. Continue turning and rolling until circle of desired size is achieved.


If things go wrong at step 3 and your circle develops bulges or irregularities, here's what to do:

4. Turn dough until bulge is at 3 or 9 o'clock.

5. Roll back and forth, applying more pressure to bulge, until more regular circle is produced.

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