Tips for Avoiding Cross Contamination When Grilling

Protecting your health and safety is one of the most important parts of cooking.

When it comes to avoiding cross contamination (transferring potential pathogens from raw food to cooked food), knives and cutting boards get all the attention. But it's also important to be wary of platters and utensils, especially when grilling. Here are some guidelines for safety.

1. Dedicate a utensil for raw meat Label that utensil and give it its own landing place. Once the exterior of the meat is cooked, switch to a clean utensil. (Don't worry if the interior of the meat is still a bit underdone; it can't contaminate the exterior as it finishes cooking unless the utensil punctures the meat, like a fork.)

2. Wash your thermometer If your thermometer indicates that your meat hasn't reached the desired temperature, wash it before taking the temperature again.

3. Don't forget a clean platter When you're transporting meat out to the grill, remember to bring along an extra platter on which you can place the cooked food.

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