How to Carve Duck

Our method ensures results that look company-worthy.

Ducks have a blockier shape than chickens or turkeys, so carving our Whole Roast Ducks with Cherry Sauce is a little different than carving these other birds. Here's how to do it.

  1. Use tip of knife to cut through skin and fat where leg meets breast.
  1. Pull leg quarter away from breast while pushing up on joint. Cut through joint and skin to remove leg quarter. Repeat on other side.
  1. Hold leg quarter upright so joint rests on cutting board. Cut down between drumstick and thigh until you reach bone.
  1. Using your hands, bend thigh and drumstick away from each other to expose joint; cut through joint. Repeat with second leg quarter.
  1. Arrange duck so cavity faces you. Draw tip of knife along side of breastbone, making sure knife stays against bone, to separate meat from breastbone. Rotate duck 90 degrees.
  1. Starting at pointy (cavity) end of breast, draw knife along rib cage, lifting meat as you separate it from ribs. Repeat on other side.
  1. Slice each breast half crosswise 1/2 inch thick.
  1. Stand duck on cutting board with cavity end facing up and drumettes facing you. Using your hand to steady duck, cut through joint between wing and rib cage to separate drumettes.

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