How to Fix Failed Mayo

If your homemade mayo isn't coming together, this easy trick will turn it lush and glossy.

Making homemade mayonnaise in food processor is a whole lot easier than whisking the components together in a bowl until they emulsify. But there's just one problem: Because the success of making mayonnaise in the food processor depends on having enough volume in the bowl—and that can vary, depending on the shape of the bowl—there is always a chance that mayonnaise will not form a proper emulsion. We came up with an easy way to fix it if it doesn’t.

Transfer mayonnaise mixture to 2-cup liquid measuring cup. Place 4 teaspoons water in bowl and, while whisking vigorously, very slowly drizzle in about ½ cup mayonnaise mixture (consistency should resemble heavy cream). Transfer to a food processor and slowly drizzle in remaining mayonnaise. Once all mayonnaise has been added, scrape bottom and sides of bowl and process for 5 seconds. (Consistency will be slightly looser than unbroken mayonnaise but still thick and creamy.)


Whisking a portion of a broken or failed mayonnaise mixture with a little water until it's emulsified and then transferring it to the food processor with the remaining broken mixture will make things right.

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