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A Good Way to Portion Dough for Rolls

Try this easy bakeshop method for portioning dough into uniform pieces that bake evenly.

One method for portioning dough in recipes such as our Oatmeal Dinner Rolls is to press the dough into a square, and then cut the square into a grid of equal pieces. Here's another method favored by bakeshops that's just as easy. (In both cases, double-checking on a scale adds extra insurance that the pieces are evenly sized.)

1. Turn out dough onto counter and press gently into rough square of even thickness. 

2. Using bench scraper, divide square into thirds with 2 horizontal cuts, stopping few inches from sides. 

3. Pull cut ends of dough away from each other. 

4. Keep pulling dough to form log of even width. Cut evenly sized pieces of dough from log, double-checking weight on scale as you go. 

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