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How to Cut Peppers and Large Chiles

Here’s how to prep, slice, and dice bell peppers, Anaheims, poblanos and more.

1. Remove top and bottom:  Holding knife with pinch grip, position front part of blade about ½ inch from stem end. Push down and forward, using length of blade to cut through core and remove top. Rotate pepper 180 degrees, then use same cutting motion to remove ½ inch from bottom. Set aside pieces.

2. Remove core:  Stand pepper on its bottom so stem end is facing up. Using paring knife, cut around core through ribs. Pull core from pepper with your fingers. Don't worry about removing all ribs and seeds at this point.

3. Slice side:  Keeping pepper upright, use tip of chef's knife to make 1 vertical slice through side of pepper. Open up pepper and lay it on cutting board, skin side down.

4. Remove ribs:  Press gently so pepper lays as flat as possible. Hold end of pepper with 1 hand. Grasp chef's knife so blade is parallel to cutting board and you are cutting away from hand holding pepper. Slide knife along inside of pepper, cutting away any ribs and seeds.

5. Slice or dice:  Hold pepper with “claw” grip. Start with tip of knife on cutting board and front part of blade just above pepper, then push down and forward in rocking motion to cut strips. To dice, gather bundle of 6 or 7 strips, turn 90 degrees, and cut crosswise using same cutting motion. Repeat with top and bottom pieces.

Tip: Use a modified pinch grip when holding the knife sideways. Turn the blade away from you 90 degrees. Instead of your thumb and forefinger pinching the blade, your thumb should be on the spine and your forefinger should be resting on the widest part of blade. Your middle finger should be against the bolster. This will allow you to follow the contours of the pepper.

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