Pour-Over Coffee Brewing Method (Manual Drip)

As its title suggests, the manual drip method requires constant attention, but yields a flavorful, bright coffee.

Manual Drip

How It Works: Place ground coffee in a wedge-shaped filter holder and pour water over it into a container below.

Why We Like It: The manual drip allows the natural acidity of coffee to shine through, yielding bright, flavorful coffee. As with the French press, you control water temperature and brew time.

Downside: Since you have to add water in batches, you can’t leave the kitchen during brewing.

The Right Grind: Medium (like coarse cornmeal) for paper filters; medium-fine (like fine cornmeal) for metal filters.

1. Add 2 tablespoons coffee for every 6 ounces water to filter (warm thermos with hot tap water).

2. Pour ½ cup just-boiled water over grounds, saturating thoroughly; let stand 30 seconds.

3. Pour remaining hot water over grounds, in batches if necessary,

stirring gently after each addition.

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