Cake Decorating Made Easy

Here’s how we achieved a neat, even sprinkling of nuts on the sides of our Chocolate-Raspberry Torte and a perfect circle of berries around its perimeter. Use these same tips to apply shredded coconut or chocolate shavings to the sides of other cakes and tortes, or to create an even circle of piped rosettes or other decorative effects around the rim.

Coating the sides evenly

With the fully assembled cake placed on a cardboard round, hold the bottom of the cake in one hand and gently press chopped nuts onto its sides with the other hand.

Producing a perfect circle of berries

1. Place one raspberry at the top of the cake at 12 o’clock, then another directly opposite it at 6 o’clock. Place a third berry at 9 o’clock and a fourth at 3 o’clock.

2. Continue to place raspberries directly opposite each other until all have been arranged in an evenly spaced circle.

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