Microwave-Fried Herbs

If you could fry up a handful of fresh herbs without dirtying a pan, why wouldn't you?

Crisp-fried herbs such as parsley, sage, mint, and basil make appealing garnishes, but frying them can be a messy process that uses a lot of oil. Our easier microwave method calls for just a few teaspoons of oil.

1. Stretch plastic wrap tightly over plate with slightly raised rim to create flat surface. Cut 2 equal circles of parchment paper (both slightly smaller than diameter of plate) and lay 1 on taut plastic.

2. Dip herb leaves in vegetable oil so that both sides are evenly coated (gently shaking off any excess), then arrange in single layer on parchment on plate.

3. Cover oiled herbs with second piece of parchment, followed by more plastic, pulled as tight as possible to help keep leaves flat.


4. Poke several vent holes in plastic, then microwave for 3 to 4 minutes. Gently blot cooled leaves between paper towels before using.

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