Creamy Emulsifications with an Immersion Blender

Creamy emulsifications are just a spin away when you trade the whisk for an immersion blender.

Creating a perfectly emulsified salad dressing by slowly whisking the oil into the vinegar isn’t difficult, but it is tedious. Here’s a way to shortcut the process: Use your immersion blender and a tall narrow container; these allow you to add all the oil at once and still create a stable emulsification. Thanks to the tight confines of the container, as you pull up the blender, the vortex created by the spinning blades will pull down the oil a little at a time, creating a creamy emulsification in seconds. This method works equally well for emulsifying mayonnaise.

  1. Add solids and vinegar to cup; stir. Pour in all of oil.
  1. Place blender at bottom of cup. Blend on lowest speed.
  1. Gradually increase speed to medium, slowly pulling blender to top until dressing is emulsified.

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