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A Better Way to Keep Dough from Sticking

We discovered a better way to keep dough from sticking when rolling it out.

The usual way to keep pie, cookie, or biscuit dough (such as the dough for our Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits, see related content) from sticking is to first sprinkle the counter with a generous amount of flour before rolling out the dough. But dough can still stick and thus be vulnerable to tearing when you try to lift it from the counter. Here’s an approach that allows you to bring flour directly to the area where the dough is sticking and to use just the amount of flour needed to release it. You will need a bench scraper for this method.

1. Place dough on lightly floured counter. If it sticks during rolling, sprinkle flour liberally around perimeter of dough.

2. Slide bench scraper under dough, dragging flour along with it. Repeat, sliding scraper and more flour under dough until it releases completely from counter.

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