Speedier Brussels Sprouts Prep

We prefer to thinly slice 11/2 pounds of sprouts for Brussels Sprout Salads (see related content) by hand rather than use a food processor, since its blades tend to cut the leaves unevenly. We’ve found it most efficient to complete one task at a time on all the sprouts and use an assembly line setup on the cutting board. In fact, employing this approach made some cooks more than 30 percent faster at the task.


Trim base from sprouts, cutting high enough so that each sprout is roughly as tall as it is wide. This will allow tough outer leaves to fall away; pull off and discard any that remain.


Pile trimmed sprouts at one end of board. Cut each in half, pushing halved sprouts to opposite end of board.


Divide cutting board into three regions: keep halved sprouts at one end near nondominant hand, reserve center for slicing, and pile shredded sprouts on remaining third of board.

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