Cooking 101

9 Helpful Cooking Tips

Deep Frying 101: Treating Your Oil Right
For fried food that’s light, crisp, and not greasy, the proper oil temperature is critical.
Published: September 2012
Kumatoes 101
What are Kumatoes?
Published: May 2011
Crabmeat 101
Here are the most common grades of crabmeat available in U.S. supermarkets.
Published: May 2011
Butter Temperature 101
Butter temperature can dramatically affect the texture of baked goods, but terms like “chilled,” “softened,” or “melted and cooled” are imprecise.
Published: March 2011
Cleaning 101
Some of the most effective ways to cut down on harmful bacteria in the kitchen aren't what you'd think.
Published: January 2010
Roasting Meat 101
A properly cooked roast is simple and satisfying. It is also a rarity. Here's how to make a great roast every time.
Published: March 2008
Pan Sauces 101
Just seared some steaks or cutlets? Don't wash that skillet! Here's how to use it to make a rich, savory pan sauce.
Published: May 2003
Capers 101
What are capers and how do I use them?
Published: January 2001
Larding Needles 101
A larding needle is a very effective, special-purpose tool.
Published: May 2000