13 Helpful Cooking Tips

Best Practices for Smoking on a Gas Grill
Best Practices for Smoking on a Gas Grill
Just because you don't have a charcoal grill doesn't mean you can't smoke.
Published: March 2021
Troubleshooting a Weak Flame on a Gas Grill
If you are experiencing a weak flame from your gas grill, try these troubleshooting tips before refilling the tank.
Published: May 2023
5 Tips for Grilling on a Smaller (18-Inch) Charcoal Kettle Grill
Our winning charcoal grill is a 22.5-inch kettle grill from Weber, and our recipes are designed for its spacious grilling surface. But since home cooks with sma…
Published: March 2017
Lighting a Chimney Starter: More Tinder Isn't Better
A chimney starter makes lighting briquettes quick and easy without the need for lighter fluid.
Published: May 2016
Can You Reuse Charcoal Briquettes?
We wondered if we could save partially used coals and later reignite them for a future round of grilling.
Published: July 2015
Why Use a Water Pan in Your Grill?
When you need to cook more slowly and gently on the grill, a water pan may just be the ticket.
Published: July 2013
How to Make a Stovetop Smoker
Just because the weather isn’t cooperating doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke food.
Published: March 2013
Properly Assemble a Weber Charcoal Grill (That Won't Collapse)
The Weber One-Touch Gold 22.5-Inch Charcoal Grill is our favorite kettle grill, but it has a flaw...
Published: September 2012
Why Charcoal Browns Best
We love the convenience of gas grills, but only the most powerful models can produce the same dark, crusty exterior on food as charcoal. Here’s why.
Published: September 2011
Dimpling Hamburgers
To prevent hamburgers from puffing up during cooking, many sources recommend making a slight depression in the center of the raw patty before placing it on the …
Published: May 2011
Working with Wood Chips
Adding wood chips to your grill imparts a deep, smoky flavor to your food as it cooks. In the test kitchen, we use wood in two different forms: chips and chunks…
Published: March 2010
Outdoor Roasting on the Grill
Follow these tips to transfer our foolproof roasting methods from the oven to the grill.
Published: March 2008