32 Helpful Cooking Tips

Turkey Giblets: What to Keep and What to Throw Away
Which parts from the turkey cavity should you use for gravy?
Published: November 2018
An Easy Fix for Torn Turkey Skin
Use this test kitchen technique for darning turkey skin that emerges from the packaging torn.
Published: November 2017
Pricing Chicken Parts
Chicken breasts have the highest yield of meat per pound of all chicken parts, but they’re not the most economical cut.
Published: May 2017
How to Carve a Butterflied Chicken
Be sure to let your chicken rest before carving. Once you’ve found the joints or other points of connection between parts, carving is easy.
Published: March 2017
The Best Way to Reheat Fried Chicken
Reheated fried chicken is often a disappointment, featuring dried-out or unevenly heated meat and/or a coating that never adequately recrisps. Here's the best w…
Published: September 2016
How to Cut Up Chicken Wings
Our recipe for Korean Fried Chicken Wings calls for cutting the wings into three parts. Here’s how to do it.
Published: July 2016
Are Chicken Wings White or Dark Meat?
Are Chicken Wings White or Dark Meat?
The answer may surprise you.
Published: July 2016
The Best Way to Salt Chicken Breasts
In the past we’ve advised working your fingers between the skin and flesh to apply salt to chicken breasts. But doing so can be messy and awkward. Here’s our ne…
Published: March 2016
When to Treat Chicken: Before or After Freezing?
Brining or salting chicken before cooking not only seasons the meat but also subtly changes its protein structure, which enables it to retain more moisture as…
Published: November 2015
Don’t Brine Water-Chilled Chicken
When chicken are chilled in water rather than cold air during processing, does that affect their ability to soak up a brine?
Published: May 2014
Boning a Split Chicken Breast
Buying bone-in chicken breasts, and then removing the bones at home, is often the only option when your recipe requires boneless chicken breasts with skin inta…
Published: January 2014
Tenderizing Meat with a Baking Soda Solution
Tenderizing Meat with a Baking Soda Solution
In some of our recipes, meat is treated with baking soda dissolved in water to keep it tender. What happens if you leave the solution on the meat longer than th…
Published: September 2018
Maximize Your Brine
Could we pack more meat into the same volume of brine to save space in the fridge?
Published: September 2013
Dramatic Weight Variation in Packaged Chicken Parts
Grabbing a package of chicken parts is usually a lot faster than standing in line at the meat counter to buy them individually. But that convenience may come at…
Published: July 2013
Salting Turkey: How Long Is Long Enough?
In our search for a tender, juicy, well-seasoned bird, we quantified just how fast and far salt moves through muscle fibers.
Published: November 2012
Removing Drumstick Tendons
Will this clever trick, you'll never bite into another chewy tendon again.
Published: March 2012
BPA and Beer Can Chicken
Beer can interiors are coated with an epoxy that contains Bisphenol A (BPA). Is the popular method of cooking a chicken perched on an open beer can really a goo…
Published: May 2011
Sprinkling Seasonings from High Up
How high you hold your hand makes all the difference when it comes to seasoning.
Published: November 2010
Brining Meat
Brining adds moisture, making it the best choice for lean proteins.
Published: November 2010
Explaining Chicken Nomenclature
When shopping for whole chickens, how do chickens labeled "broilers," "roasters," and "stewing" birds differ?
Published: July 2010
Low and Slow Braising
Low and Slow Braising
We’ve always heard that braising should be done “low and slow,” but how much of an effect do temperature and time actually have on the finished product?
Published: May 2010
Rinsing Raw Meat
Should you rinse raw meat in the sink before you cook it?
Published: January 2010
Boosting Soup Flavor
The usual method for making chicken soup is to cover chicken parts with water and bring it to a boil. In our Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup recipe, we found that us…
Published: January 2009
Tender Time Limit for Chicken
Tender Time Limit for Chicken
Can storing chicken breasts in the freezer for longer than two months negatively affect tenderness?
Published: January 2009
Keeping Skin from Shrinking
Achieving moist, crisp skin, usually comes at a price. Is there a way to get both without chicken skin shrinkage?
Published: November 2008
Turkey Breasts
What is the difference between regular and hotel-style turkey breasts? How do I buy the best turkey breast?
Published: January 2007
Deli Ham and Turkey
Supermarkets offer a baffling assortment of packaged meats, but do any of them hold a candle to sliced-to-order deli meats?
Published: May 2004
Interpreting Turkey Breast Labels
Interpreting Turkey Breast Labels
We interpret the labels found on turkey breasts—regular, true cut, hotel, and country-style.
Published: January 2007
Marinade Must-Haves
With these ingredients in the mix, marinating can enhance juiciness and add complexity to steak, chicken, and pork.
Published: June 2009
Duck Varieties
Does the species of duck matter?
Published: June 2007
How to Cook a Turkey
Not sure how to cook a turkey? From thawing to brining, and from trussing to basting, we tackle some of your most common turkey questions.
Published: January 2009
Marinating Tips for Success
Years of testing have taught us that while marinades will never turn a tough cut tender, they are an important flavor contributor. Here are our tips and techniq…
Published: June 2009