January/February 2010

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Avoiding the Temperature Danger Zone
Thawing frozen ingredients on the counter and putting hot food into the fridge a…
Published: January 2010
Cutting-Board Cleanup
If you can't use a dishwasher (which won't work for wood, bamboo, and some compo…
Published: January 2010
Using Alcohol in Pie Dough
Our Foolproof Pie Crust recipe uses equal parts water and 80 proof vodka, yieldi…
Published: January 2010
Saving Overproofed Dough
Despite the best planning, sometimes we let our dough rise for longer than inten…
Published: January 2010
The Importance of Cream of Tartar
Recipes that require stiffly beaten egg whites often call for potassium acid tar…
Published: January 2010
How to Wash Produce
How to Wash Produce
Are dedicated fruit and vegetable washes necessary? In a word, no. You can make …
Published: January 2010
Cleaning 101
Some of the most effective ways to cut down on harmful bacteria in the kitchen a…
Published: January 2010
Cooking with Instant Milk
Can instant milk be substituted for regular milk in recipes?
Published: January 2010
Flavoring Soup with Parmesan
In the test kitchen, we save Parmesan rinds in a zipper-lock bag in the freezer …
Published: January 2010
Gauging Chile Heat
Are the thin white lines on the skin of a jalapeño an indicator of chili heat?
Published: January 2010
Ridding Grapes of Residue
What is the white residue that is often on grapes and why doesn't washing the fr…
Published: January 2010
When to Measure Boiling Water
In recipes that call for a specific amount of boiling water, how much does it ma…
Published: January 2010
Using a Pressure Cooker to Cook Grains
Whole grains like brown rice, barley, and wheat berries can take anywhere from 3…
Published: January 2010
Preventing Cross-Contamination
One of the most important rules of food safety is to keep raw and cooked foods s…
Published: January 2010
Rinsing Raw Meat
Should you rinse raw meat in the sink before you cook it?
Published: January 2010
Baking with Greek Yogurt
Can Greek-style yogurt be used in place of regular yogurt in baking?
Published: January 2010
Why Acid Turns Garlic Blue
Why does garlic sometimes take on a startling blue color when cooked with an aci…
Published: January 2010
Perfecting Pastry Cream
Pastry cream is ruined if you overcook the eggs. How do you determine its donene…
Published: January 2010
When Cookware Turns Food Tinny
Recipes with acidic ingredients often call for nonreactive cookware; how much wi…
Published: January 2010
Effects of Age on White Mushrooms' Flavor
Do white mushrooms taste better if they are past their prime?
Published: January 2010

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