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Garlic Safety
If garlic can't be safely stored in oil for more than 24 hours (due to risk of b…
Published: May 2012
Frothing Extra-Foamy Milk
When it comes to frothing milk, temperature makes all the difference.
Published: May 2012
Quick Brine for Prettier Fish
If you hate the unsightly white film that forms at the top of cooked fish, you a…
Published: May 2012
Fix for "Fishy" Seafood
While seafood that smells or tastes a little "fishy" isn't necessarily bad, ther…
Published: May 2012
Old-School Ice Cream
How do old-fashioned ice and rock salt ice-cream makers measure up to today’s mo…
Published: May 2012
Substituting Ruby Port for Tawny
Can tawny port be substituted for the ruby variety in a recipe?
Published: May 2012
Amping Up Savoriness in Food
Cooking is often an art, but when it comes to savory flavors, it's a science.
Published: May 2012
The Best Way to Reheat Pizza
The Best Way to Reheat Pizza
Never again will you eat a soggy, microwaved piece of leftover pizza.
Published: May 2012
Not Your Typical Hot Sauce
Unconventional Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce really does live up to the hype.
Published: May 2012
Keeping Salad Dressing Together with Garlic
This common vinaigrette ingredient has untapped emulsifying potential.
Published: May 2012
Freezing Yogurt
Can leftover yogurt be successfully frozen?
Published: May 2012
Freezing Gnocchi
Can homemade gnocchi be frozen for a quick weeknight meal?
Published: May 2012
The Difference Between Green and Orange Papaya
Is the crunchy fruit used to make Thai green papaya salad a different fruit from…
Published: May 2012

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