July/August 2012

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Cooking with Coconut Oil
How well does coconut oil perform in recipes?
Published: July 2012
Explaining Expensive Tonic Water
The prices of some tonic water brands can be shockingly high. Isn't all tonic wa…
Published: July 2012
A New Spin on Sorbet
Is there a way to rescue freezer-burnt ice cream or sorbet?
Published: July 2012
Making Panade with Dry Panko Bread Crumbs
Can dry panko bread crumbs be substituted for fresh when making a panade?
Published: July 2012
Baking Pies in Disposable Pie Plates
If one must bake a pie in a disposable pan, are there any tips to ensure success…
Published: July 2012
Bulgur Primer
Here's a handy guide for cooking this nutty-flavored grain.
Published: July 2012
Great Fake Mayo
Here's our formula for great eggless mayonnaise.
Published: July 2012
British vs. American Cheddar: It's a Tie
How do our favorite domestic cheddars stack up against the best of the old count…
Published: July 2012
How to Create a Perfectly Round Loaf of Bread
Mimic a professional baker's shaping technique with our easier method.
Published: July 2012
Staving Off Staling in Bread
The science behind why potato bread lasts so long.
Published: July 2012
Alcohol in Baking
Does any of the vodka in the Foolproof Pie Dough recipe remain in the baked crus…
Published: July 2012
Best Bang for Your Bay Leaf
How best to extract this herb's flavor?
Published: July 2012
Deodorizing Cast Iron
We discovered a better way to remove stinky fish oils from a cast-iron skillet.
Published: July 2012
Each Clam in its Own Time
Ensure perfectly cooked clams, every time.
Published: July 2012
The Easiest Ever Way to Shuck Corn
The microwave is a corncob’s best friend.
Published: July 2012
Seasoning a Mortar and Pestle
How do you prevent a brand-new mortar and pestle from leaving small, gritty part…
Published: July 2012
Mushrooms: Porcini versus Shiitake
Dried shiitake mushrooms have 15 times more flavor-building nucleotides than dri…
Published: July 2012
Round or Oval Dutch Oven?
Does an oval cast-iron Dutch oven cook as well as a round one?
Published: July 2012

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