September/October 2012

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Properly Assemble a Weber Charcoal Grill (That Won't Collapse)
The Weber One-Touch Gold 22.5-Inch Charcoal Grill is our favorite kettle grill, …
Published: September 2012
The Perils of Pyrex
Is Pyrex glassware susceptible to shattering?
Published: September 2012
Wood Smoke Taste Test
How much difference does the choice of wood really make?
Published: September 2012
Deep Frying 101: Treating Your Oil Right
For fried food that’s light, crisp, and not greasy, the proper oil temperature i…
Published: September 2012
Baking with Rye Flour for Longer-Lasting Bread
Want to extend the shelf-life of your homemade bread? Substituting a little rye …
Published: September 2012
Green versus Wax Beans
Can green and wax beans be used interchangeably?
Published: September 2012
Slamming the Oven Door on Cakes and Baked Goods
Can slamming the oven door on a cake in mid-bake cause it to fall?
Published: September 2012
Mixing Dough or Batter: Wet into Dry or Dry into Wet?
Most recipes for bread dough or batter call for combining the dry ingredients se…
Published: September 2012
Smoke-Free Roasting
Here's how to get crispy-skinned roast chicken without the rendered fat dripping…
Published: September 2012
How to Reheat Steak Without Overcooking It
How to Reheat Steak Without Overcooking It
With our simple method for reheating steak, it might be even better the second t…
Published: September 2012
The Best Way to Sift Powdered Sugar
A fine-mesh strainer and a light touch are all you need for perfectly coated con…
Published: September 2012
Avoiding Cloudy Iced Tea
Why does homemade iced tea sometimes turn cloudy when refrigerated? Is this prev…
Published: September 2012
Fixing Broken Custard
If a custard gets overheated and becomes lumpy, is it a lost cause? Or can it be…
Published: September 2012
Substituting Corn Syrup with Brown Rice Syrup
Can brown rice syrup be substituted in recipes that call for corn syrup?
Published: September 2012
A Safer Way to Keep Greens Fresh with Carbon Dioxide
Is there a way to prolong the shelf life of a bag of greens without resorting to…
Published: September 2012
The Benefits of Resting and Refrigerating Dough for Scones
Refrigerate your dough overnight for more symmetrical and attractive pastries.
Published: September 2012

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