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Preventing Soggy Salad
Preventing Soggy Salad
Is there a science to keeping a dressed salad crisp and fresh?
Published: November 2012
Hot or Cold Water for Stock?
Why do some recipes for chicken stock start with cold water and others with boil…
Published: November 2012
Scallions That Keep Growing
If you store cut scallions in a glass of water, will they grow back?
Published: November 2012
Properly Melted Chocolate for Dipping
Many recipes have you temper the chocolate—our way calls for barely melting the …
Published: November 2012
Microwave Tostadas
Trade in a pot of oil for your microwave.
Published: November 2012
Should Citrus Juice Be Rested Prior to Cooking?
We recommended resting lemon and lime juices before using them in drinks to impr…
Published: November 2012
Prepping Apples in Advance for Baking
Will it affect the quality of the filling if you cut the apples the day before a…
Published: November 2012
Make-Ahead Pâte à Choux
Save precious time by refrigerating this time-consuming pastry dough—it'll keep …
Published: November 2012
Salting Turkey: How Long Is Long Enough?
In our search for a tender, juicy, well-seasoned bird, we quantified just how fa…
Published: November 2012
Cracking Down on Peppercorns
Here are two other ways to achieve coarsely cracked peppercorns, each about the …
Published: November 2012
Adding Eggshells to Coffee Before Brewing
Will adding eggshells to ground coffee before brewing tame an overly strong brew…
Published: November 2012
Pink vs. White Scallops
Does a scallop's color affect its flavor?
Published: November 2012
Does White Wine Benefit from Aeration?
It’s common to aerate red wine before serving, but is there any point in aeratin…
Published: November 2012
Conventional vs. "Real" Buttermilk
Products labeled “real” buttermilk are popping up at supermarkets. Is it differe…
Published: November 2012
Giving Kale a Rubdown
Here’s a way to tenderize these greens without ever subjecting them to heat.
Published: November 2012

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