January/February 2013

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Making Stock: Pot versus Pressure Cooker
Cooking stock in a pressure cooker is faster than cooking it in a regular pot, b…
Published: January 2013
When to Salt Burgers
When you add salt to your burger, you're doing more than just seasoning the meat…
Published: January 2013
Duck Eggs versus Chicken Eggs
Do duck eggs differ in flavor or texture from chicken eggs?
Published: January 2013
Rescuing Oversoftened Butter
When softening butter in the microwave it's possible to accidentally oversoften …
Published: January 2013
The Truth About Truffle Oil
Gourmet shops sometimes carry ­several different types of truffle oil, some of w…
Published: January 2013
Creamy Emulsifications with an Immersion Blender
Creamy emulsifications are just a spin away when you trade the whisk for an imme…
Published: January 2013
Blooming in Oil for Flavor
Blooming in Oil for Flavor
Blooming spices or herbs in fat before the liquid goes into the pot can extract …
Published: January 2013
How to Make Ghee
Ghee, typically used in Indian cooking, may also be used as a slightly richer, m…
Published: January 2013
Storing Meringues
Is there a way to store meringues in a humid environment without ruining their c…
Published: January 2013
Measuring Flour
Our recipes list 1 cup of flour as weighing 5 ounces, but different sources may …
Published: January 2013
How Citrus Garnishes Impact Cocktails
Do the different ways of using citrus peel to garnish cocktails produce differen…
Published: January 2013
Beyond Rice: A Guide to Other Grains
These days, supermarkets offer an entire universe of grains—and with the right m…
Published: January 2013
Turning Bread into Boules
A colander, with a little help, can serve as an improvised banneton for proofing…
Published: January 2013
Taking the Bite out of Garlic
Want to mellow raw garlic's harsh bite? Just a few minutes in the microwave will…
Published: January 2013
Sweet Solution to Brown Fruit
We discovered a sweet way to keep cut apples and other fruits from browning.
Published: January 2013
For Creamy Custards, Go Stir Crazy
A little bit of whisking is all you need to prevent grainy pudding.
Published: January 2013
Freezing Cream Cheese
Does cream cheese freeze well?
Published: January 2013

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