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Heat Settings Vary on Stovetop Burners
In recipes, what do the terms medium, medium-high, and high heat for stovetop bu…
Published: May 2013
The Importance of Preheating Your Pizza Stone
A proper pizza-stone preheating period is essential to produce perfectly browned…
Published: May 2013
Why You Should Wait for Your Brewed Coffee
When it comes to brewing coffee with an automatic drip machine, let the pot fill…
Published: May 2013
A Truly Nonstick Bundt Pan
A clean Bundt pan release can be a tricky thing to manage, but we've found a foo…
Published: May 2013
Raw vs. Regular Honey
How does raw honey differ from regular honey?
Published: May 2013
Freeze Tofu First for Texture That Soaks Up More Sauce
This classic Asian restaurant technique works equally well in the home kitchen.
Published: May 2013
Why You Should Brine Fish
Send your fish back to water one last time before cooking for moister, more flav…
Published: May 2013
Converting Cake Batter to Cupcakes or Muffins
Can you make cupcakes/muffins with your favorite cake batter?
Published: May 2013
How Long Should a Martini Be Stirred?
How long should you stir a martini with ice to achieve optimal flavor?
Published: May 2013
For Creamier Hummus, Skin Your Chickpeas
With our simple method, removing skins from chickpeas is far less arduous than y…
Published: May 2013
How to Make Crème Fraîche and Mexican Crema
Why buy these cultured creams when you can easily make them at home?
Published: May 2013
Two Ways to Keep Pesto from Turning Brown
Never eat sad, army green pesto again.
Published: May 2013
Three Keys to Better Vacuum Sealing
After vacuum sealing for years in the test kitchen, we've learned a lot of trick…
Published: May 2013
Salt-Cured vs. Brined Capers
Can salt-cured capers be used interchangeably with brined capers?
Published: May 2013
What Kind of Mustard Should Be Used in a Vinaigrette?
What types of mustard, aside from Dijon, can be used when making vinaigrette?
Published: May 2013

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