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Preventing Purple Walnut Bread
Why do walnut breads sometimes turn purple? Can anything be done to prevent this…
Published: September 2013
Why Young Cheese Melts Better than Aged Cheese
Why Young Cheese Melts Better than Aged Cheese
Anyone who’s melted cheese for a sandwich knows that some types melt better than…
Published: September 2013
Cooking Steak? Try Whole Boneless Short Ribs
Instead of cutting boneless short ribs into strips, the meat can be left whole a…
Published: September 2013
Vegetarian Gelatin Substitutes
Can you swap unflavored vegetarian gelatin for traditional gelatin in recipes?
Published: September 2013
Dried vs. Fresh Lemongrass
Can dried lemongrass be substituted for fresh?
Published: September 2013
Reheating Soft-Cooked Eggs
Can soft-cooked eggs be reheated while maintaining their runny yolks?
Published: September 2013
Does Cast Iron Work for Stir-Frying?
We tested to see if a well-seasoned cast-iron pan could perform just as well as …
Published: September 2013
Leave Out Lower-Fiber Vegetables When Freezing Stew
Freezing stew offers make-ahead convenience, but not all vegetables handle freez…
Published: September 2013
Using Sprouted Onions
Using Sprouted Onions
Is it OK to cook with sprouted onions?
Published: September 2013
Regular vs. Center-Cut Bacon
“Center-cut” bacon is becoming available at supermarkets. How does it differ fro…
Published: September 2013
Building a “No-Weave” Lattice Top for a Pie
Looking for an easier way to create a lattice-topped pie? Here's how.
Published: September 2013
Maximize Your Brine
Could we pack more meat into the same volume of brine to save space in the fridg…
Published: September 2013
A Better Way to Store (and Use) Vanilla Beans
Vanilla beans supply flavor that’s superior to vanilla extract, but they also re…
Published: September 2013
Punching Up Potato Flavor
We wondered if roasting the potatoes could concentrate and enhance potato flavor…
Published: September 2013

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