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Egg Substitutes for Breading
Egg Substitutes for Breading
If you're allergic to eggs or just don't want to spare any, is there anything yo…
Published: March 2014
Unhulled (Natural) vs. Hulled (Conventional) Sesame Seeds
What are unhulled sesame seeds? Can they be used like regular sesame seeds?
Published: May 2014
Salt and Frying Oil
Is it true that getting salt in frying oil is bad?
Published: May 2014
Don’t Brine Water-Chilled Chicken
When chicken are chilled in water rather than cold air during processing, does t…
Published: May 2014
Chilling Food with Dry Ice vs. Regular Ice
Is there a benefit to using dry ice instead of regular ice when packing a cooler…
Published: May 2014
Why Does Kale Sometimes Spark in the Microwave?
Sometimes, when making kale chips chips in the microwave, the kale will spark du…
Published: May 2014
Should You Add Water to Your Whisky?
Is it true that adding water to whisky improves its flavor?
Published: May 2014
Why Cold Butter Keeps Sauces from Breaking
Classic French cookbooks call for slowly whisking in cold pieces of butter, a li…
Published: May 2014
How Much Sodium Is in Brined Food?
We sent cooked samples of food that we brined to an independent lab for sodium a…
Published: May 2014
Add This Innovative Raw Onion Topping to Pizza, Salads, or Sandwiches
We recently discovered a technique that retains more of the raw onion flavor and…
Published: May 2014
Quick Microwave Roux
The "emergency roux" method is easier than using the stovetop for cooking small …
Published: May 2014
White Rice Flour for Gluten-Free Baking
The America’s Test Kitchen Gluten-Free Flour Blend requires five ingredients, on…
Published: May 2014

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