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Reusing Pickle Brine
Can you use leftover pickle brine to make a batch of homemade pickles?
Published: July 2014
Creaming Butter and Sugar Without a Mixer
Is there an easy way to cream butter and sugar by hand?
Published: July 2014
Preventing Sugar Crystals in Simple Syrup
Is there a way to make simple syrup that won't develop sugar crystals?
Published: July 2014
Hull-Less Barley vs. Pearl Barley
What is hull-less barley, and how does it compare with pearl barley?
Published: May 2014
How to Store Tofu
When storing leftover tofu in water, will it last longer if the water is changed…
Published: July 2014
How to Quickly Cook a Potato
Do potato nails (rods that are inserted into baking potatoes to decrease the coo…
Published: July 2014
An Even Easier Way to Stretch Pizza Dough
Refrigerating balls of pizza dough for 4 to 24 hours makes stretching much easie…
Published: July 2014
Giving Bundt Cakes a Crackly, Sugary Crust
We wanted a sugary coating that would stick to the cake rather than fuse the cak…
Published: July 2014
New Uses for Xanthan Gum
Xanthan gum isn't just for gluten-free recipes.
Published: July 2014
The Best Way to Use a Whisk
The Best Way to Use a Whisk
Everyone knows the correct way to use a whisk, right? Wrong.
Published: July 2014
The Best Way to Wrap Grilled Chicken Souvlaki
For a sandwich that’s easy to eat, we wrap our grilled Chicken Souvlaki in alumi…
Published: July 2014
Caring for Wood Cutting Boards and Utensils with Spoon Butter
How does homemade spoon butter compare to straight mineral oil for maintaining w…
Published: July 2014
Evaluating Iced Coffee Methods
We compared a new, pour-over iced coffee brewing technique against two classic m…
Published: July 2014
Removing Stains from Silicone Spatulas
Removing Stains from Silicone Spatulas
Is there a way to remove stains from silicone spatulas?
Published: July 2014

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