September/October 2014

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Advantages to Deep-Frying in a Wok
In some applications, using a wok for deep-frying has advantages over other more…
Published: September 2014
Ammonia Odors in Cheese
Sometimes, upon unwrapping a newly purchased fine cheese, a pungent ammonia odor…
Published: September 2014
Artichokes and Wine
Sometimes wine can taste oddly sweet and one-dimensional when paired with dishes…
Published: September 2014
Blue Ginger
Blue Ginger
Why does fresh ginger sometimes have a blue-gray color?
Published: September 2014
Browning Salted Butter
Can salted butter be substituted for unsalted when making brown butter sauces?
Published: September 2014
Converting Layer Cakes to Bundt
Do adjustments need to be made if you want to bake a layer cake recipe in a Bund…
Published: September 2014
For Better Coconut Milk, Make Your Own
For certain applications, like Thai chicken soup, homemade coconut milk is worth…
Published: September 2014
Giving Steaks a Garlic Boost
To impart great garlic flavor to a steak, sometimes the meat needs to be treated…
Published: September 2014
Can You Cook a Frozen Steak?
Can You Cook a Frozen Steak?
Conventional wisdom holds that frozen steaks should be thawed before cooking, bu…
Published: September 2014
Making Stock with Skin-On Onions
Is there any advantage to leaving the skins on onions when making stock?
Published: September 2014
Why Some Bread Doughs are Folded
Sometimes bread recipes call for folding the dough while others don't. Why is th…
Published: September 2014
Slashing Rustic Loaves
The slashes on rustic loaves of bread aren't just about looks.
Published: September 2014
Baking with Fresh Pumpkin Puree
Baking recipes usually call for canned pumpkin, but if you have fresh pumpkins c…
Published: September 2014
Why is Prosciutto Made in Parma?
What is it about this particular region of Italy that lends itself to making the…
Published: September 2014
The Parchment Test: Finding the Broiler Sweet Spot
Finding your broiler's sweet spot for both cooking and browning the exterior of …
Published: September 2014

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