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How to Cook with Kohlrabi
Kohlrabi, which can be either purple or green, is a member of the brassica famil…
Published: July 2015
Clarified Butter: A Substitute for Shortening?
We wondered whether clarified butter or ghee, a type of clarified butter popula…
Published: July 2015
Skip the Salt When Cooking Corn
When cooking fresh corn in boiling water, skip the salt.
Published: July 2015
A Better Way to Seed Jalapeños
Recently, we found a better way to seed jalapeños and other straight-sided chile…
Published: July 2015
How to Make Clarified Butter
Here's our preferred method for making clarified butter.
Published: July 2015
The Best Way to Measure Frozen Shrimp
When it comes to frozen shrimp, skip weighing them: count out what you need inst…
Published: July 2015
Science: The Secrets of Cooking Rice
Despite what many cookbooks suggest, rice-to-water ratios can’t simply be scaled…
Published: July 2015
Can You Reuse Charcoal Briquettes?
We wondered if we could save partially used coals and later reignite them for a …
Published: July 2015
Turning Stainless Steel Nonstick
We wanted to know if we could make a regular stainless-steel skillet more nons…
Published: July 2015
Testing Knife Sharpness
What's the best way to determine when your knife needs sharpening?
Published: July 2015
Fix Your Cracked Pie Crust with Pie Spackle
When you’ve got holes in your pie crust and no scraps to patch them with, it’s D…
Published: July 2015
Ensuring Complete Seasoning
Here's the best way to season meat in accordance to what is called for in recipe…
Published: July 2015
Pitting Cherries Without a Pitter
Cherry pitters make pitting cherries quick and simple. But since not everyone ow…
Published: July 2015
With Whipped Cream, Temperature Matters
With Whipped Cream, Temperature Matters
Conventional wisdom says to make sure your cream is cold before whipping it, bu…
Published: July 2015

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