September/October 2015

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Carbon Steel versus Cast Iron
Carbon steel is composed of roughly 99 percent iron to 1 percent carbon, while c…
Published: September 2015
Frosting Cakes with Flair
Here are three easy techniques for finishing layer cakes with a polished look.
Published: September 2015
Science: How to Slice Steak
Science: How to Slice Steak
The way you slice steak can make all the difference. Here’s why.
Published: September 2015
Ribs That Aren't
Country-Style Pork Ribs recipe are more like pork chops than traditional spareri…
Published: September 2015
Getting the Most out of Leeks
Here's a few test kitchen tips for getting the most out of your leeks.
Published: September 2015
Why Gas Grills Need to Preheat Longer
We call for preheating charcoal grills and gas grills for different amounts of t…
Published: September 2015
Why Burgers Need a Rest
For perfect burgers (and buns), give them a rest.
Published: September 2015
Don't Bother with a Dough Blade
Are the dough blades that come with many food processors worth using?
Published: September 2015
Brining Beans in Half the Water
Is a full gallon of brine really necessary for soaking a pound of dried beans?
Published: September 2015
A Better Way to Keep Dough from Sticking
We discovered a better way to keep dough from sticking when rolling it out.
Published: September 2015
Two Speedy Ways to Soften Butter
A stick of butter takes about an hour to soften at room temperature, so we came …
Published: September 2015
Low-Fat versus Nonfat Buttermilk
Are low-fat and nonfat buttermilk interchangeable in recipes?
Published: September 2015
The Mayo Advantage for Grilled Cheese
Both butter and mayonnaise produce grilled-cheese sandwiches with crisp, well-br…
Published: September 2015
Parmesan Rind Substitutes
We wanted to know if the rinds from other aged cheeses could do the job usually …
Published: September 2015
Another Way to Thicken Soups
We wondered if oats might work just as well as sandwich bread as a thickener in …
Published: September 2015
The Best Way to Grease a Cake Pan
The Best Way to Grease a Cake Pan
For a clean release, grease, flour—and parchment—are key.
Published: April 2019

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