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Shopping for Lamb
Shopping for Lamb
Lamb has been staging somewhat of a comeback—and for good reason. Here's our tes…
Published: November 2015
Speedier Brussels Sprouts Prep
We prefer to thinly slice 1½ pounds of sprouts for Brussels Sprout Salads (see r…
Published: November 2015
The Solution to Searing Meat
When cooking meat, including recipes like our Roasted Rack of Lamb with Roasted…
Published: November 2015
Homemade Pie Shield
Here's our test kitchen tips for protecting the edges of your pie crust during b…
Published: November 2015
When to Treat Chicken: Before or After Freezing?
Brining or salting chicken before cooking not only seasons the meat but also su…
Published: November 2015
Use a Bowl for Simpler Seasoning
Here's our test kitchen tip for seasoning smaller cuts of of meat, like cutlets …
Published: November 2015
Removing Pin Bones from Salmon
The best way to remove pinbones from salmon fillets.
Published: November 2015
Ensuring Weight and Temperature Accuracy
Small inaccuracies in measuring temperature and weight can lead to problems lik…
Published: November 2015
The Nicest Rice for Pudding
Rice pudding is usually made with long-grain rice, but we wondered if it could …
Published: November 2015
Chestnuts: Buying and Shelling
We recommend using fresh chestnuts when they are available in the fall or early …
Published: November 2015
Cocoa Nibs: Like Grownup Chocolate Chips For Your Baking
And an answer to that question you probably have: Do they melt?
Published: November 2015
Comparing Kale
Three types of kale are commonly available in supermarkets. So, how do you know …
Published: November 2015

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