November/December 2016

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Shaken or Stirred? When and Why We Use Cocktail Shakers
There are two main categories of cocktails: stirred drinks and shaken drinks. Th…
Published: November 2016
Why a Square Baking Stone Beats a Round One
While a round stone might seem practical since one of a baking stone’s most popu…
Published: November 2016
How To Use a Boston Shaker
There are two main categories of cocktails: stirred drinks and shaken drinks. Th…
Published: November 2016
Is Basting Really Worth It?
Is Basting Really Worth It?
Basting is a time-honored method for keeping a turkey or chicken moist—we wonder…
Published: November 2016
Piquillos: More Than a Pricey Roasted Red Pepper
Are piquillos, a pepper common in Spanish cuisine, worth the extra money over ja…
Published: November 2016
How to Revive a Sluggish Sourdough Starter
Fortunately, a little love is all it usually takes to return your starter to a v…
Published: April 2023
Thawing Frozen Meat and Poultry
We always thaw large cuts (entire roasts and whole birds) in the refrigerator, b…
Published: November 2016
How to Hack a Tart Pan
A round tart pan’s removable bottom allows you to turn out beautiful crusts wit…
Published: November 2016
The Proper Way to Use a Probe
A probe thermometer allows you to track the temperature of large roasts, turkeys…
Published: November 2016
A Different Way to Chop Onions
The most widely known method for chopping an onion involves making a series of v…
Published: November 2016
Substituting Pecorino Romano for Parmesan
Will Pecorino Romano work as a Parmesan substitute?
Published: November 2016
Getting Nondairy Milks to Froth
When buying alternative milks that you want to froth, make sure gellan is on the…
Published: November 2016
All About Celery Root
Celery root (also known as celeriac) boasts a crisp, firm, parsnip-like texture …
Published: November 2016

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