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How to Cook Pasta for a Crowd
You can cook two pounds of spaghetti, fusilli, ziti—or any other type of pasta—i…
Published: September 2017
Baking with Raw Sugars
We baked muffins, sugar cookies, layer cakes, and shortbread with granulated sug…
Published: September 2017
Quickest Way to Cool Hot Liquids
It’s important that liquids are cool before you put them in the refrigerator; if…
Published: September 2017
Chocolate in the Microwave: Less Fussy and Faster
Our preferred method for melting chocolate is to use the microwave, whether it’s…
Published: September 2017
Butchering with a Paring Knife
The small size of a paring knife makes it much more maneuverable than a larger c…
Published: September 2017
A Simpler Julienne
This simpler, more casual technique will yield sticks that vary a bit in length,…
Published: September 2017
How to Divvy Up the Frosting for Layer Cakes
Here's the best way to divide up your frosting between layers.
Published: September 2017
Easiest Way to Grate Apples
Here's the best way to grate apples by hand.
Published: September 2017
How to Gauge Tofu Texture
The best way to eliminate ambiguity is to use the names as a general guideline a…
Published: September 2017
How to Cook Baby Kale
Since it came onto the scene, baby kale has been billed as a salad green. But, w…
Published: September 2017
What Is Shiso and How Do I Use It?
This aromatic, heart-shaped leaf can be so much more than a decorative garnish f…
Published: September 2017
How to Choose a Sweet Potato
Sweet potato varieties with orange or red skin and deep orange flesh, including …
Published: September 2017
Why You Should Weigh Confectioners' Sugar
If your goal is an icing with a graceful drizzling consistency, we strongly reco…
Published: September 2017

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