January/February 2018

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How Seasoning Changes with Serving Temperature
Have you ever noticed that foods served either hot or chilled need to be seasone…
Published: January 2018
The Fastest Way to Dice Avocados for a Crowd
Making a big batch of guacamole? Use this shortcut.
Published: January 2018
How to Prevent Cracks in Pie Crust
Use these two tips to ensure your pie dough edges are entirely fray-free.
Published: January 2018
How to Prevent Pastry Bag Leaks
Here's the best way to prevent the filling from leaking out of the tip as you fi…
Published: January 2018
What Are St. Louis-Style Spareribs?
We explain where they come from and why we prefer them.
Published: January 2018
What to Do with Leftover Lemongrass
Don't toss those extra leaves! Here's how to use them to make homegrown shoots.
Published: January 2018
Two Ways to Store Ginger
We tested a few popular ginger-storing methods to determine which ones really wo…
Published: January 2018
Why You Should Store Spices in Glass
After a week of being stored in it, our freshly ground five-spice powder melted …
Published: January 2018
Common Types of Salami
Here are some of the distinguishing features of genoa, hard salami, and soppress…
Published: January 2018
Substituting Meyer Lemons
Can Meyer lemons be used in place of standard lemons? We entered the test kitche…
Published: January 2018

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