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Do Emulsions Cling to Food More Effectively?
Do Emulsions Cling to Food More Effectively?
We set up an experiment to find out.
Published: May 2018
More Good Uses for Kitchen Shears
Your shears are good for more than just butterflying a whole chicken. Here are s…
Published: May 2018
How to Clean and Care for a Wooden Salad Bowl
Is your wooden salad bowl still sticky even after you've cleaned it? Here's how …
Published: May 2018
Rose Water: What It Is and How to Use It
Plus how to include it in your next batch of baked goods.
Published: May 2018
Cooking with Carrot Tops
Don't toss those tops! Here's how to use them.
Published: May 2018
How to Use Purple Potatoes
We tasted three different kinds of purple potatoes to determine what they taste …
Published: May 2018
Can You Eat Cilantro Stems?
Cilantro is more than just leaves. Here's some information about the rest of thi…
Published: May 2018

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