November/December 2008

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Searing vs. Sautéing
Published: November 2008
Whole Grain White Bread
There's a new whole grain white bread product on the market. How does it differ …
Published: November 2008
Meat Pounder
Though now rather dated, this menacing-looking contraption reminds us of the tim…
Published: November 2008
Adding Eggs One at a Time
Most recipes call for adding eggs one at a time to creamed butter and sugar. Wou…
Published: November 2008
Do You Need a Nonstick Roasting Pan?
A great roasting pan should brown food evenly and produce substantial fond. Can …
Published: November 2008
Keeping Skin from Shrinking
Achieving moist, crisp skin, usually comes at a price. Is there a way to get bot…
Published: November 2008
Dry versus Liquid Measuring Cups
Dry versus Liquid Measuring Cups
Is it absolutely necessary to use a dry measuring cup for dry ingredients and li…
Published: November 2008
Disposable Baking Pans
Are disposable aluminum pans okay to use to transport baked goods such as casser…
Published: November 2008
Dealcoholized Wine
Dealcoholized Wine
Can alcohol-free wine be substituted for regular in cooking?
Published: November 2008
Invoking the Yolk
We weren't convinced an egg yolk was necessary in our sablé recipes. But after a…
Published: November 2008
It's About Twine
Hardware store string, unwaxed dental floss, cotton twine, linen twine—just whic…
Published: November 2008
Cannellini Bean Substitute
Dried cannellini beans can be difficult to find. Are dried great Northern or nav…
Published: November 2008

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