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Season 10, Ep. 1026
Old-Fashioned Fruit DessertsSeason 10, Ep. 1026

Before pineapple took over, upside-down cakes were made with seasonal fruit, such as apples. We’re bringing back the ups...

Season 10, Ep. 1025
Turkey on the GrillSeason 10, Ep. 1025

In theory, grilling turkey is simple, but in reality the meat overcooks quickly and dries out. We take the guesswork out...

Season 10, Ep. 1024
Classic Asian AppetizersSeason 10, Ep. 1024

Uncover the secrets to preparing super-light, crispy tempura and Thai pork lettuce wraps at home.

Season 10, Ep. 1023
The Italian GrillSeason 10, Ep. 1023

Watch as we explain how two bricks play an integral role in our juicy, crisp-skinned chicken and demystify making a stuf...

Season 10, Ep. 1022
Best Burgers and FriesSeason 10, Ep. 1022

Rubbery patties and greasy fries give this classic combination a bad name. Join us as we prepare juicy, old-fashioned bu...

Season 10, Ep. 1021
Supper From South of the BorderSeason 10, Ep. 1021

Our carnitas, Mexico’s version of pulled pork, have all the flavor—but none of the problematic hot fat—of the traditiona...

Season 10, Ep. 1020
All-Time Cookie FavoritesSeason 10, Ep. 1020

We re-create two classic confections: chewy double-chocolate cookies with a hot-fudge center, and oatmeal cookies that r...

Season 10, Ep. 1019
Chicken and Rice—Indian-StyleSeason 10, Ep. 1019

Think you need a 24-hour marinade and 900-degree oven to make tandoori chicken? Think again. Our recipe can be made yea...

Season 10, Ep. 1018
Great Glazed ChickenSeason 10, Ep. 1018

Our glazed chicken avoids the many problems that afflict this seemingly simple dish, and emerges with an even sheen, cri...

Season 10, Ep. 1017
Italian Bread and SauceSeason 10, Ep. 1017

Our ciabatta boasts a crisp crust and chewy, open crumb. Our quick tomato sauce is packed with flavor. Cook some pasta a...

Season 10, Ep. 1016
Salmon—Indoors and OutSeason 10, Ep. 1016

We were tired of having to choose between a crisp exterior and moist, flavorful flesh for our salmon, so we decided to d...

Season 10, Ep. 1015
Coconut Layer CakeSeason 10, Ep. 1015

After sharing the test kitchen’s tips for foolproof cake baking, we reveal the secrets behind our moist, tender layer ca...

Season 10, Ep. 1014
An Old-Fashioned ThanksgivingSeason 10, Ep. 1014

Our roast turkey technique guarantees moist, flavorful meat and bronzed skin—a true holiday table centerpiece. Finish th...

Season 10, Ep. 1013
Who Wants Pasta?Season 10, Ep. 1013

Different cooking times for the ingredients in shrimp and garlic pasta make for a precarious balancing act. We’ll show y...

Season 10, Ep. 1012
An Austrian SupperSeason 10, Ep. 1012

Join us as we ditch the mayonnaise for a creamy Austrian potato salad and discover the secret to the light, puffy bread-...

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