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Season 12, Ep. 1226
Bistro-Style Steak and PotatoesSeason 12, Ep. 1226

We give you the know-how to prepare this five-star meal at home. Our Pan-Seared Steaks with Herb Sauce achieves the rich...

Season 12, Ep. 1225
Summertime SupperSeason 12, Ep. 1225

A foolproof cooking method ensures that our Grilled Stuffed Pork Tenderloin stays tender and moist, while a rich-tasting...

Season 12, Ep. 1224
Southeast Asian FavoritesSeason 12, Ep. 1224

Join us as we travel to New York City to learn the secrets of Thai cooking. We return to the test kitchen to use our new...

Season 12, Ep. 1223
Sweet Summer EndingsSeason 12, Ep. 1223

When they’re good, summer pies and cakes are a great way to highlight fresh produce. But when they’re bad, they’re a gre...

Season 12, Ep. 1222
Time to GrillSeason 12, Ep. 1222

In the summer, it’s easy to get into a grilled-burgers-and-chicken rut. Our flavor-packed Grilled Bone-In Pork Roast and...

Season 12, Ep. 1221
Gnocchi and PanzanellaSeason 12, Ep. 1221

Think that all potato and bread recipes have to be heavy? We prove otherwise with our light-as-air Potato Gnocchi and ou...

Season 12, Ep. 1220
Cold-Weather ComfortSeason 12, Ep. 1220

Join us as we share two recipes that will heat up any cold day: our Split Pea and Ham Soup, which features a rich broth ...

Season 12, Ep. 1219
Mediterranean SpecialsSeason 12, Ep. 1219

Our Beef Kebabs and Greek Spinach and Feta Pie recipes take two often lackluster Mediterranean staples and elevate them ...

Season 12, Ep. 1218
Slow-Cooker RevolutionSeason 12, Ep. 1218

We demonstrate the slow cooker’s versatility by using it to prepare three of our favorites: Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle...

Season 12, Ep. 1217
Backyard Chicken DinnerSeason 12, Ep. 1217

First, we move the test kitchen outdoors to reveal the secrets to our Grill-Smoked Chicken, which has tender, juicy meat...

Season 12, Ep. 1216
Cool and Creamy DessertsSeason 12, Ep. 1216

Grab your spoons and join us as we demonstrate fail-safe methods for making our perfect Chocolate Pudding and our Homema...

Season 12, Ep. 1215
Vegetarian Pasta NightSeason 12, Ep. 1215

Even the most fervent meat eaters will love our versions of these two vegetarian favorites: full-flavored Vegetable Lasa...

Season 12, Ep. 1214
A Moroccan FeastSeason 12, Ep. 1214

Fussy techniques and esoteric ingredients make cooking authentic Moroccan chicken a daunting proposition. Our simple Chi...

Season 12, Ep. 1213
Soup and Bread from ScratchSeason 12, Ep. 1213

Most of the time, whole-wheat sandwich bread and broccoli-cheese soup recipes don’t taste enough like the ingredients th...

Season 12, Ep. 1212
Salmon and SoleSeason 12, Ep. 1212

Fish dishes make the perfect weeknight meal—if you can avoid cooking them improperly and losing their crust in the proce...

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