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Season 3, Ep. 309
Pasta Quick and EasySeason 3, Ep. 309

Every cook needs quick pasta recipes in his or her repertoire. Pasta with garlic and oil is perhaps the most famous quic...

Season 3, Ep. 321
Rustic Bread at HomeSeason 3, Ep. 321

Real country bread, the kind made by an artisan and never found at the supermarket, is a thing of beauty. We wanted to d...

Season 3, Ep. 315
Barbecued SalmonSeason 3, Ep. 315

We were intrigued with the notion of barbecuing a whole side of salmon. Our goal was to have this large piece of fish sp...

Season 3, Ep. 317
Holiday DinnerSeason 3, Ep. 317

Beef tenderloin costs a small fortune, but it is one of the quickest and easiest large cuts to serve to a crowd. The key...

Season 3, Ep. 303
Dressing Up VegetablesSeason 3, Ep. 303

Our goal was simple: Rescue two favorite fancy vegetable dishes—twice-baked potatoes and stuffed bell peppers—from the c...

Season 3, Ep. 324
Shortcake and CobblerSeason 3, Ep. 324

What could be more all-American than strawberry shortcake? But sometimes this classic summer fare can go terribly wrong....

Season 3, Ep. 314
Backyard BBQSeason 3, Ep. 314

On a hot summer’s day, life doesn’t get much better than a big, juicy, smoky slab of spicy, mouth-watering ribs. But mor...

Season 3, Ep. 318
Ham DinnerSeason 3, Ep. 318

Ham dinner—with green bean casserole—is classic American fare. But which kind of ham should you buy? And can you really ...

Season 3, Ep. 308
Pasta ClassicsSeason 3, Ep. 308

These two classic pasta sauces— puttanesca and Bolognese — appear on countless menus and in nearly every Italian cookboo...

Season 3, Ep. 304
Bistro BasicsSeason 3, Ep. 304

Bistro classics, such as steak au poivre and crème brulée, offer a taste of real French cooking without pretension. We s...

Season 3, Ep. 322
Cookie Jar FavoritesSeason 3, Ep. 322

Thick, chewy chocolate cookies and spiced molasses cookies are classics. Watch as we discover which types of chocolate a...

Season 3, Ep. 310
Beef BurgundySeason 3, Ep. 310

We uncover the secrets to beef Burgundy at its best—and also show you a way to make portions of it ahead of time.

Season 3, Ep. 306
Chinese TakeoutSeason 3, Ep. 306

Fried rice and kung pao shrimp are Chinese restaurant favorites, and we make them better than just about any takeout ver...

Season 3, Ep. 323
Lemon Meringue PieSeason 3, Ep. 323

Lemon meringue pie is a three-part recipe—crust, lemon filling, and meringue—and each one can be a challenge. We discove...

Season 3, Ep. 301
Party FoodsSeason 3, Ep. 301

Who doesn’t like a plate of good nachos or buffalo wings? We discover when you can use supermarket products versus when ...

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