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Season 8, Ep. 825
French Apple TartSeason 8, Ep. 825

A tart should be easier to prepare than the typical double-crust American pie. But developing a flaky crust sturdy enoug...

Season 8, Ep. 824
Lemon Layer CakeSeason 8, Ep. 824

Layer cakes are desserts to be savored at birthday parties, holidays, and other celebrations. Ideally, the cake’s tender...

Season 8, Ep. 822
Coffeehouse TreatsSeason 8, Ep. 822

In this episode, the test kitchen perfects two breakfast treats: blueberry scones and rich bran muffins.

Season 8, Ep. 821
Old-Fashioned Breakfast CakesSeason 8, Ep. 821

Bakery versions of crumb cake often fall short. The crumb topping can be skimpy or dry and brittle. And the cake can su...

Season 8, Ep. 826
Lightening Up Chocolate DessertsSeason 8, Ep. 826

Skipping dessert or eating a piece of fruit is an obvious way to cut calories, but where’s the fun in that? We set our s...

Season 8, Ep. 823
More Cookie Jar FavoritesSeason 8, Ep. 823

We turn our attention to two favorite cookies: a triple chocolate cookie so chocolaty it’s almost a brownie, and the hu...

Season 8, Ep. 819
Asian Take-Out at HomeSeason 8, Ep. 819

We develop a Thai-style chicken soup that uses supermarket ingredients without sacrificing authentic flavors, and we mak...

Season 8, Ep. 820
Indian Favorites, SimplifiedSeason 8, Ep. 820

We develop home-cook-friendly versions of two Indian favorites: vegetable curry and chicken tikka masala.

Season 8, Ep. 817
Bistro Steak DinnerSeason 8, Ep. 817

Cutting into a steak to find that the rosy meat is confined to a measly spot in the center—with the rest a thick band of...

Season 8, Ep. 818
French ClassicsSeason 8, Ep. 818

Coq au vin’s appeal is timeless, but its preparation can be intimidating for the home cook. We set out to make this dish...

Season 8, Ep. 816
Pizza PartySeason 8, Ep. 816

We set out to develop a better-than-takeout pizza in which the crust gets equal billing with the toppings and each is f...

Season 8, Ep. 815
Drive-In SpecialsSeason 8, Ep. 815

Food safety concerns have many of us now grilling burgers to medium-well and beyond. Unfortunately, grilling burgers for...

Season 8, Ep. 814
Grilled Cornish Game HensSeason 8, Ep. 814

We’ve always enjoyed roasting game hens and thought the grill might deliver even more flavor to the tender meat, grillin...

Season 8, Ep. 813
Fish on the GrillSeason 8, Ep. 813

Fish fillets might look innocent, but once their delicate flesh hits the grill, there’s no getting them off without a fi...

Season 8, Ep. 812
Kansas City BBQSeason 8, Ep. 812

It’s hard to choose a best-loved style of ribs, but we’d be willing to bet that smoky, sweet Kansas City ribs are a top ...

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