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Season 9, Ep. 926
Puddings—from Simple to SpectacularSeason 9, Ep. 926

Learn the test kitchen’s secrets to achieving a creamy crème caramel and subtly sweet stovetop rice pudding.

Season 9, Ep. 925
French Country CookingSeason 9, Ep. 925

With our flavorful beef stew, we translate the bold, robust flavors of Provence to the home kitchen. For a finale, we ba...

Season 9, Ep. 924
Weeknight Summer SupperSeason 9, Ep. 924

Our technique for perfect grilled chicken breasts produces tender meat and crisp skin. We also show you how to make an i...

Season 9, Ep. 923
Breadmaking, SimplifiedSeason 9, Ep. 923

We’ve taken the work out of breadmaking with our Almost No-Knead Bread and Soda Bread recipes.

Season 9, Ep. 922
Four-Star Stuffed Chicken BreastsSeason 9, Ep. 922

The French technique of stuffing a chicken breast yields creates a four-star dish—but requires hours of labor. Our take ...

Season 9, Ep. 921
Grilled Rack of Lamb DinnerSeason 9, Ep. 921

At $20 a pound, rack of lamb had better be good. We show you how to make the most of this prime piece of meat and reveal...

Season 9, Ep. 920
Backyard Steak and PotatoesSeason 9, Ep. 920

Marinating steak in bottled Italian dressing ruins the meat’s rich, full beefy flavor. Our fresh marinade is easy to pre...

Season 9, Ep. 919
Old-Fashioned Snack CakesSeason 9, Ep. 919

Stroll down the aisles of any supermarket or convenience store in America and you’ll see an array of snack cakes—or some...

Season 9, Ep. 918
Pork on the GrillSeason 9, Ep. 918

We’re big advocates of brining, but we’re also fond of time-saving techniques. When we set out to achieve a tender, gril...

Season 9, Ep. 917
Let's Do ChineseSeason 9, Ep. 917

Order a takeout stir-fry, and chances are you’ll be disappointed. Too often you’ll find greasy, sodden vegetables. We wa...

Season 9, Ep. 916
Holiday Ham and BiscuitsSeason 9, Ep. 916

We reveal the test kitchen’s technique for making a holiday ham that’s moist and tender, with a glaze that complements b...

Season 9, Ep. 915
A Grand, Sweet FinaleSeason 9, Ep. 915

When made correctly, soufflés are the ultimate dessert. Their billowing tops look dramatic, and their texture is melt-in...

Season 9, Ep. 914
Fish Made EasySeason 9, Ep. 914

Poached salmon is a dish usually reserved for feeding a crowd. But why not adapt this party time entree for weeknight di...

Season 9, Ep. 913
Lunchtime SpecialsSeason 9, Ep. 913

Pizza and tomato soup carry with them a nostalgic charm. And though canned soup isn’t always bad, we wanted a lighter, f...

Season 9, Ep. 912
South-of-the-Border SupperSeason 9, Ep. 912

We develop a recipe for Enchiladas Verdes that comes out bright, zesty, tender, and as good as you’ll find in any restau...

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