The Ideal Cookware Set, à la Carte

From Who Wants Pasta?

How We Tested

While we've found a few reasonable options for cookware sets (see our Cookware Set equipment review), none provides all the pans essential to a fully equipped kitchen. We’ve identified seven core pieces that we believe every kitchen should have; at best, the cookware sets we tested included just four of these pans. We highly recommend this lineup of our favorite winning brands—these are the very pans we use every day in the test kitchen. Their total cost ($870.69) is not insignificant, but for less than two hundred dollars more than our top-rated All-Clad cookware set ($699.95), you’ll have every pan that you need—and none that you don’t.

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Season 10, Ep. 1013
Who Wants Pasta?Season 10, Ep. 1013

Different cooking times for the ingredients in shrimp and garlic pasta make for a precarious balancing act. We’ll show you how to simplify this recipe and prepare another pasta classic: baked ziti.